Monday, April 29, 2013

DIPLOMAT for Men by SAS®


Betty Ensor Thomas ..... In August 2012 we introduced you to Ambassador - SAS's newest Men's Dress/Casual Shoe.  Now we are happy to introduce DIPLOMAT their NEW Slip-on version.

Like Ambassador - Diplomat has a separate heel instead of their traditional wedge which gives it a dressier look and is available in three colors.

In the developing process SAS® targeted a more contemporary attitude but still applied many of it’s comfort features and added even more.

The best premium leather is used for the upper and the softest leather is used for the lining. These leathers have been kept loose over the vamp area which will help eliminate many of the creases at the flex point at the top of the foot.

The leather lining is padded in both the heel quarter area and under the tongue.  A new and interesting feature is that a built in cushioned arch is in the lining itself.  This feature compliments the contoured, supportive arch that is molded into the removable foot bed.


Diplomat comes with SAS’s Odor Resistant Tripad Cushions that cushion the ball of the foot and the heel.

It has a NEW SAS Contoured Comfort Footbed called the Ever Bounce.  It is removable for those that use orthotics.  It is molded of soft polyurethane to fit and support the contours of the foot.  It has an enhanced arch and metatarsal and comes with a molded heel cup.  Soft leather covers it for enhanced comfort.

It also has a NEW SAS All-Day Comfort Supersoft Lightweight Sole.  The sole is a one piece molded welt polyurethane sole that is lightweight and flexible.  This cushioned sole provides for soft cushioned comfort with every step you take.

Another NEW is SAS’s Foot-Shaped Last with a more moderate toe design.  This last follows the natural shape of the foot and provides comfort and plenty of room for the toes.

Diplomat is available in the following colors:

     Black, Brown, and Antique Tan

Diplomat is available in the following sizes and widths:

     Narrow 10-12, Medium 7-13, Wide 7-13, and
          Wide-Wide 8-12

As always it is best to be fitted in your shoes by a professional. Drop by and have your feet measured for the proper length and width.

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Updated September 14, 2014

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SAS® Shoes for Men

Some people do not even realize that SAS makes shoes for MEN.  I have to admit that as far as my blog is concerned I have not posted as much about SAS's Mens Line as I have the Womens, and I must apologize for that.  SO, let me start 2013 with what SAS has to offer gentlemen.

ACE has been one of our most popular slip-on dressier shoes.  It is very lightweight and super comfortable.  Ace is available in Black only in Narrow, Medium and Wide widths.

ACE (black)

AMBASSADOR is SAS's newest shoe for Men.  You can read all about Ambassador on my blog.  Ambassador is available in Black and Brown in Narrow, Medium and Wide widths.

BOUT TIME is a style that we have had for a while, but is one of our top selling shoes period.  Lightweight with a broad base and roomy toe box - what's  not to love.  Bout Time is available in Black, Cordovan and Mulch (Brown) in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide-Wide widths.

BOUT TIME (shown in Cordovan)
SIDE GORE is SAS's slip-on version of Bout Time.  Side Gore is available in Black and Cordovan in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide-Wide widths.

SIDE GORE (Shown in Black)

TIME OUT is SAS's top selling, most comfortable, supportive shoe.  You can read about all about it on my blog.  Time Out is available in Black and Walnut in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Wide Wide widths.  Black is also available in 3 Wides.

TIME OUT (Show in Walnut)

VTO is a Velcro version of Time Out.  VTO is available in Black and Bone in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide Wide widths.  Black is also available in 3 Wides.

VTO (Shown in Black)
JOURNEY is part of SAS's Active Comfort Line.  You can read all about it on my blog.  Journey is available in White and Black Smooth Leather in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide Wide widths.  Journey is also available in a Suede/Mesh Combo in Gray in Narrow, Medium and Wide widths.

JOURNEY (shown in White)

GUARDIAN is a slip-resistant shoes designed for those who work around wet conditions such as in the restaurant or hotel industry designed similar to Time Out (above).  You can read all about it in my blog.  Guardian is available in Black in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide Wide widths.


BRAVO is SAS's Men's version of Relaxed (one of SAS's top selling sandals for ladies.  Bravo is extremely lightweight, has a broad base and superior arch support.  It comes with three adjustable straps for fit and comfort.  Bravo is available in Brown in Narrow, Medium and Wide widths.

BRAVO (Brown)
So, there is SAS's complete line of shoes for Men.  The same quality that goes into their ladies shoes goes into their mens.  All are designed with comfort, support and durability in mind.

WATCH FOR OUR FALL '13 ARRIVALS.  AMBASSADOR in Brown and it's Slip-on Cousin DIPLOMAT in both Black and Brown.

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