Monday, February 23, 2009

Betty's Favorite SAS® Styles & Colors

Betty Ensor Thomas.....As the author of this blog I'd like to talk about the SAS® styles that I wear and why. Certainly looks play an important factor in my choices, but comfort and fit take the center stage.

Sometimes customers state "you have to wear these shoes because you work here, right?"  Well, YEAH! But, I don't have to wear them anywhere else if I don't want to.

The truth is, there are not many shoes in my closet right now that are not SAS®.  My feet deserve to be comfortable.  While I do own a few other brands, SAS® Shoes are my choice for my everyday shoes.

I like to be a little fashionable and very comfortable and the following SAS® styles fit the bill. SO, here's what is in my closet:

Freetime in Charcoal Nubuck. Our Number 1 selling, most comfortable style., and what I wear daily in the wintertime.  It has a broad base, wide toe box, study heel counter and SAS's traditional Supersoft soles. It also has the removable (and washable) insole that molds to your foot. The charcoal nubuck makes it look a little dressier.  These and a pair of Thorlo® Walking Socks and I'm good to go all day.

Clog in Black. A clog version of Freetime. It has all the comfort features of Freetime, but with a more updated style (not to mention the convenience of just slipping your feet in and out.

Easier in Black. A dressier looking wedge that I wear with suits and pantsuits. Unbelieveably comfortable. It has non-binding elastic over your instep that gives as you walk, yet helps keep your foot in place. I can stand and walk in these for 8 hours.

Metro in Charcoal Nubuck.  A simple little flat with a little embellishment on the top.

Simplify in Black Crocodile. A simple little flat with a little flashier look.

Duo in White and in Black. My favorite, favorite sandal in the entire world. It's open and airy like a sandal should be. It's adjustable in the front. The ankle strap has elastic which makes it easy on and off. And, the insoles can be cleaned. The sole is SAS's traditional Supersoft® sole, so you can stand or walk in it all day.

STRIPPY in Bone Patent Leather. I've been waiting for this sandal. It's a dressy sandal on a little higher wedge. It's cute, it's dressy, and it's comfortable.

TOUR in White with Silver Accents (Leather/Mesh Combo).  Everyone needs an Active Comfort Shoe.

Just about every occasion is covered by these styles.

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Updated October 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TheTop Ten Ways To Tell If Your Shoes Are Worn Out

Betty Ensor Thomas.....I get asked every day “how long will these shoes last?” My answer is usually 1 to 3 years depending on the individual.

Some people replace their work shoes every 6 months, but it’s not uncommon for a customer to come in that states that they’ve been wearing the same pair for 10 years.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking your shoes are still good just because they still look new on the outside, or they still feel good on your feet. A worn out pair of shoes can lead to other problems.

If you are unsure check out “The Top 10 Ways To Tell If Your Shoes Are Worn Out” below or bring your shoes in and ask us. We will give you our honest opinion.

1. There is noticeable wear on the heels ( especially uneven wear).

2. The sole is worn thin or cracked in the ball of the foot area.

3. The shoes are out of shape.

4. The insoles are dried, cracked and/or hard as a rock.

5. The inside linings are worn out.

6. The leather is cracked or split.

7. Your toes hit the end of the shoe.

8. Your feet hurt.

9. Other parts of your body hurt, including ankles, knees, hip and/or back.

10. The soles start separating from the soles.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Take Care of Your Feet ... They Take You Everwhere You Go

Betty Ensor Thomas.....I probably take better care of my feet than I do the rest of my body. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in the shoe business since I was 18. Maybe it’s because that I’ve seen a lot of other peoples feet. And, maybe it’s just because I’m a big baby and just can’t stand to have my feet hurt.

Which ever reason it is, I do try to take care of my feet and constantly recommend that my customers do the same. Here’s what the experts generally recommend:

1. Inspect you feet daily for signs of any trauma such as redness, blisters, cuts, cracks, swelling or color changes. This is especially important if you are a diabetic.

2. Do not trim or shave corns or calluses.

3. Bathe you feet daily using a mild soap. Use a pumice stone to gently remove callused skin. Do not soak your feet too long - it will destroy the natural oils in the skin. Rinse off all soap and dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.

4. Apply lotion or petroleum jelly to feet and heels. Avoid using between the toes.

5. Trim nails straight across, and not too short. Don’t cut out or dig at corners.

6. Wear clean socks or stockings each day. Do not wear any that are too short or too tight.

7. Wear comfortable shoes that fit. Pick shoes for the right activity. Switch shoes from day to day. This allows your shoes time to air out and dry between wearings.

8. Avoid walking barefooted.

9. If planning outdoor activities, always apply sunblock to exposed areas of the feet. Reapply if feet become wet

10. Use foot powder if your feet sweat or are prone to athlete’s foot.

11. Exercise regularly to maintain and improve the circulation in your feet.

12. Do not ignore foot problems and do not allow problems to get worse. Seek attention from your physician. It is not normal for feet to hurt.

We have recently started carrying Citrusway Footcare Products that are All Natural and Made in USA.  We highly recommend these products.  I will add pictures of their products soon, in the meantime you can check them out at:

Remember, if your feet hurt - you hurt all over!

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Ensor's Comfort Shoes - 4022 Nolensville Rd - Nashville, TN 37211 - (615) 424-9704
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Updated October 21, 2017

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Customer Service is Still Alive and Well

Maybe not everywhere, but at Ensor’s Comfort Shoes that is what you will get.

All of our inventory is on the main floor, and our customers are free to wait on themselves if that is what they want. But, we offer full service to those who want it. We also encourage it.

When we opened our store in 1993, we knew we had great products, but we understood that to stay in business we had to treat each and everyone of our customers as quests in our home.

Every customer is greeted as they walk in our store. Every customer is asked if we may help them. We are happy to answer questions, help in picking our styles and colors. We are happy to measure every person’s feet. We are happy to personally place shoes on our customers feet.

Many come in our store with specific needs and/or problems. We listen to what our customers have to say. We feel that it is very important to gather all the facts before suggesting styles and sizes.

We are happy to provide these services with an always happy attitude, for without our customers we would not be in business or could not stay in business.

Many of our customers thank us for our help and being so nice. We would like to thank them for their support and for telling so many other about us.

For you convenience you can now order online at:

Ensor's Comfort Shoes - 4022 Nolensville Rd - Nashville, TN 37211 - (615) 834-7458
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