Friday, October 22, 2010

ROAMER and TRAVELER - Two New Styles from SAS®

Betty Ensor Thomas ..... Just when you think that SAS® will never come up with anything new, stylish and modern they have added ROAMER and TRAVELER to their line. TRAVELER was released last fall and ROAMER was released just a few weeks ago - just in time for this Fall/Winter season. Both styles are cute and extremely comfortable.

TRAVELER is a cute little lace up shoe that replaces WHISPER. It is a streamlined version of FREETIME for those that want the comfort of SAS's top selling walking shoe, but a little toned down look. TRAVELER is available in Black.

ROAMER is Traveler's sister shoe. It is a cute little Mary Jane style shoe with cut outs in the toe area with a velcro strap Closure. ROAMER is available in Black, Chestnut, Navy, Sage (in a Waxed Buck, and Charcoal Nubuck. 

Both styles have soft leather uppers. They are hand laced moccasin construction that wraps soft leather completely around the foot. They have firm heel counters for back stability and No-Bite Padded Collars for ankle and heel comfort. TRAVELER also has a padded tongue for instep comfort.

SAS's top five features of these shoes are:

1. SAS's new CoolStep Footbed® with contoured arch cushion (which in my opinion is their best to date). This one is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. It has an anti-friction cover that helps prevent heat buildup. The bottom layer helps wick away moisture while cushioning every step you take. It is also antibacterial and washable which will help keep your feet healthier.

2. The same as SAS's walking shoes these have the green odor resistant Tri-Pad® cushions that cushion the pressure points of the feet. These lie under the ball of the foot and heel. The materials SAS® uses never lose their shock-absorbing capacity.

3. SAS Foot-Shape Last® which was developed and crafted by SAS® Shoemakers to follow the natural shape of the foot providing all-day comfort.

4. SAS Lightweight Supersoft Soles® have wider bases to provide increased Stability and maximum shock absorption. Their soles are made of long lasting molded polyurethane containing millions of tiny air bubbles to cushion each step.

5. Both styles are available in Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide Wide for a comfortable, correct fit. And, as always SAS® provides true whole and half sizes.

Please drop by and try on a pair of these on.

NOW you can buy online at:

COMING SOON: More new styles from SAS® and more blogs about the shoes that have made SAS® famous.

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  1. I love SAS shoes but my main beef with them was always their limited style. I only have the cute sandals. But now they have the Roamer and I just love it! this style of shoe has long been a favorite of mine and I used to only wear the Ecco maryjane shoes until they went to the Chinese. That was a few years ago and I have not been able to find my beloved maryjanes until now. Yay for SAS! I can't wait to get my Roamers!

  2. I just purchased my first pair of SAS Roamer and sandal shoes for my travels this year. They are cute, practical and soooo comfortable. I purchased a 9WW - no one has "WW" shoes. I started wearing them immediately without feeling any pulls, tugs, or binding. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend them to anyone who wants to walk on air.