Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Well, we've made it to another year and as usual a lot of people have made their New Year's Resolutions once again. For most people those resolutions will include to get or stay healthy.

Without getting to wordy in this post I would just like to suggest that everyone start walking more. In one of my first blogs I went into detail about the benefits of walking (12-30-2008). In my opinion walking is still one of the best ways to achieve health benefits in a low-impact way.

I just want to remind you that if and when you walk you need to make sure you are wearing your best walking shoes. SAS® has several styles that were designed with walking in mind.

For Women there are: Freetime (our #1 selling Women's Shoe), Me Too, Tour (our Active Comfort Shoe), Take Time and Siesta.

For Men there are: Time Out (our #1 selling Men's Shoe), VTO, Journey (our Active Comfort Shoe) and Bout Time.

Please remember that you need to wear your best shoes when you are walking - not an old worn out pair. You will be walking for you health and an old pair might give the opposite result. Also remember that you should have a pair of walking shoes designated for just that - walking.

Do not work in a pair of shoes all day and then do your walking in the same pair. It is not good for you or your shoes. If you walk every day it might be a good idea to have two pairs of shoes and alternate them each day. That will give each pair the time to dry out and will make them last longer.

As soon as I post this blog I'm heading to a nearby K-mart to do my walking for the day. Oh yeah, I'm trying to stay healthy too. None of us are getting any younger.

As always it is best to be fitted in your walking shoes by a professional. Drop by and have your feet measured for the proper length and width. Then try on some of the world's most comfortable shoes.

Now you can buy online at:

Ensor's Comfort Shoes
4022 Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN 37211 (615) 834-7458
Keeping your feet health and happy since 1993

Updated October 21, 2017

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