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New Years Resolution Number 1: Buy SAS® WALKING SHOES, Freetime, Me Too, Time Out, and VTO

On November 7, 2012 I published a Blog titled "Walk A Mile In Our Shoes." There I wrote about all of the unbelievable benefits to wearing SAS’s TOP SELLING WALKING SHOES. A lot of this blog will be a repeat of the previous blog with a little extra added in this time.

Freetime for Women (Shown in Mocha)
Time Out for Men (Shown in Walnut)

We just celebrated the beginning of our 20th year in business, and since we opened our doors in November 1993 FREETIME (for Women) and TIME OUT (for Men) have continued to be our top selling styles. ME TOO (Velcro Version for Women) and VTO (Velcro Version for Men) are exactly the same as the lace up versions only with Velcro closures).

Me Too for Women (Shown in White)

VTO for Men (Shown in Black)

Designed for serious walkers, these styles have everything a walking shoe should have. And, although designed for walkers these shoes are that and so much more. I recommend them for anyone that works on hard surfaces or does a lot of walking on their jobs. I also recommend them to people with foot pain and that's why so many doctors also recommend these styles for their patients. These styles have the added depth needed for Orthodics and Braces.

I could write technical information here, but will just write what I tell my customers about them as I show them using my cut-in-half sample of the shoe.

1. They have a broad base for solid support underneath your feet.

2. They have a wide and deep toe box so your toes have plenty of room to spread out like nature intended. Many people feel that the shoe is too big because of all the toe room but your toes should have enough room to turn flips, play the piano or anything else you can think of in there, AND trust me after about 30 minutes you will realize the joy of having all that toe room.

3. They have a wide wraparound heel counter for stability. This is what keeps your ankles straight and helps you keep balance.

4. There is extra cushioning underneath the ball of the foot and the heel (the main pressure points).

5. There is an extra layer of cushioning in the midsole. We love that extra layer.

6. The sole is a polyurethane material that has millions of air bubbles in it.
(Supportive yet bouncy at the same time).

7. The soft cushioned removable insole with added arch literally molds to the feet. Removable to accomodate othotics or any special inserts. This insole can and should be washed from time to time. Cleaning instructions are included in every shoe box. You can also buy replacement insoles at SAS Stores. By doing so you will help to extend the life of your shoes.

8. That's four (4) layers of cushioning and shock absorption underneath your feet which is not only good for your feet but the rest of your body too.
Try a pair of these on and just feel the support and cushioning underneath your feet.

9. These styles are lightweight and well ventilated to keep your feet cool and dry.
Even the tongue of the shoe is ventilated.

10. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and widths AND color choices (Black being the Number One color in both).

11. These styles are recommended by Podiatrists, Orthopedic Doctors, The American Diabetic Association, AND me (because I actually wear them).

FREETIME (for Women) is available in White, Black, Bone, Mocha, Navy and Teak smooth leathers, and Charcoal Nubuck in all the Sizes and Widths shown in the Chart above. Black Smooth is also available in3W (WWW) in sizes 5 to 12..

TIMEOUT (for Men) is available in Black, Bone and Walnut in all the Sizes and Widths shown in the Chart above. Black is also available in 3W (WWW) in sizes 6 to 13.

ME TOO (for Women) is available in White, Black and Mocha Smooth Leathers and is available in all the Sizes and Widths in the Chart Above. Black is also available in 3W (WWW) in sizes 5 to 12.

VTO (for Men) is available in Black and Bone. Black is available in all Sizes and Widths shown in the Chart above and 3W (WWW) in sizes 6 to 13. Bone is available in Narrow 10-13, Medium 7-13, Wide 7-13 and Wide Wide 7-13.

So, whether you walk for health, you walk or stand on your job, OR are just looking for the most comfortable shoe on the market you need to try these shoes on. Chances are while you're trying them on another customer will tell you how great they are. Our customers that wear these styles purchase them over and over and over. I'm even wearing Freetime Charcoal as I write this blog.

Now you can shop online at:

Ensor's Comfort Shoes
4022 Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN 37211  (615) 834-7458
Keeping your feet healthy and happy since 1993

Made in USA

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