Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Shouldn't You Buy Shoes Over The Internet?

Betty Ensor Thomas.....When I originally wrote this in 2009 purchasing over the Internet was new. Now it seems that more and more people enjoy the convenience of doing so. 

I still stand by my words written eight years ago, but to be competitive in today's market we now are also selling online at: So, if you have been wearing the same Style & Size and are not having any foot problems you can go to our website or call us at 615-834-7458.

With easy access to everything on the internet one would think that buying your favorite shoes online would be a good thing. Think again.

There was a time that if a shoe said 7 /12 Narrow that shoe would fit me. It didn't matter how much pain I had to go through to get it broken in, it was a 7 1/2 Narrow and that was my size period.

When we measured my foot several years ago I learned that I measured an 8 Slim. After weeks of total denial (ladies you'll understand that) I realized that my feet had grown and that I really needed to bite the bullet and start wearing the size that actually fits my feet.

BUT, size 8's don't work for me in every style. It is however, my base size AND the first size I try on.

I still wear 7 1/2 N's in most sandals. I wear 8 S's in most dress shoes and I wear 8 1/2 S in athletic style shoes. Each size reflects the last that the shoes are made on, the type of socks or hosiery I wear with them, and the way I want them to feel (which is comfortable from the very beginning).

SO, It's very important to have your feet measured and fitted periodically by a trained professional.

At Ensor's Comfort Shoes we not only know what factors make up your base size, we also know how different styles and lasts fit. We also listen to our customers and help them in determining the proper size and comfort in the styles they want.

There are many variable to getting the best possible fit. Toe length and width are only two of those variables. Always remember that measuring the feet is just the first step in finding the correct size.

When shopping for shoes always make sure to tell your salesperson what type of shoe you are looking for and what kind of problems if any you are having. At Ensor’s Comfort Shoes will will try to help you pick out the best style(s) to meet your needs.

Buying over the internet may seem like an easy way to buy your favorite shoes. But, IF the shoe doesn't fit...................

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