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Taking Care Of Your SAS® Shoes

Betty Ensor Thomas ..... SAS® shoes are crafted from high quality, soft leathers. SAS is proud of their craftmanship and we offer these tips to keep your leather shoes looking good.


We suggest cleaning your shoes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This not only helps the look of your shoes, but also protects them from damaging dirt and oil, thereby helping your shoes last longer.

1. Remove laces from lace-up shoes. Loosen tongue to allow the shoes to ventilate.

2. Use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt on the outside and inside of the shoes. An old soft toothbrush would be good to use.

3. Use a soft cloth and SAS® Leather Conditioner to wipe off the shoes. The leather conditioner uses nautral oils to revitialize the finish of the shoes without affecting the color or drying out the leather. For stubborn stains you can use a past of mild soap and lukewarm water.

4. Clean the soles with SAS® Sole Cleaner and a soft cloth. This cleaner is great for removing ground-in dirt, grass stains and whatever else you find on the bottom of your shoes. Sole Cleaner may be used sparingly on lighter colors of leathers to remove stubborn stains and scuffs, but may remove the finish if scrubbed to hard. If used on the leather follow up with SAS Leather Conditioner to replenish the moisture to those areas.

5. Allow your shoes to dry thoroughly away from artifical heat sources.

6. Use SAS® Unscuffit to fill in and cover scuff marks if you have any. The Unscuffit needs to applied as thinly as possible and allowed to dry between applications. On lighter colored shoes it may require several layers. It does not take long for thin layers to dry.

7. Apply SAS® Soft Leather Cream. This cream is available in colors to match SAS Shoes and is a moisturizing creams that not only restores the color of the shoe, but helps maintain the softness of the leather. Apply a thin even layer on entire shoe. Do not apply to thickly. Allow to dry completely.

8. Buff and shine with a soft cloth or SAS's Horsehair Shoe Brush.

9. Put in clean laces and you're ready to go.

EXTRA THINGS YOU CAN DO. Using SAS® Cedar Shoe Trees will help your shoes retain their shape much longer.The cedar absorbs moisture and odors leaving the shoes much fresher. SAS also sells "Cedar Socks" a bag of cedar chips that has the same absorbing effect.

If your shoes become wet for any reason let them dry naturally indoors. Do not put your shoes in a dryer or near any heat source. It will cause the soles to warp and the leather to shrink and become hard. Use cedar shoe trees as mentioned above or stuff the shoes with crumbled up paper.

DON'T'S. A couple of things that you never should do.

Don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday. Allowing a pair of shoes a rest gives them the time to dry out naturally. By doing this the life of the shoe will be much longer.

Don't pull your shoes off using your other foot. Forcing them off this way may damage the heels and scuff the toes.

CUSTOMER TIPS. We're always learning from our customers and this gentleman said that before he wears a new pair of shoes he polishes them.

This is actually a great idea. Not only does this give your shoes an extra layer of protection against outside forces ,but IF you scuff your shoe, maybe you'll only scuff that extra layer. I suggest this to all my customers now, especially those buying White, Bone or any of the lighter colors.

SAS® is proud of the quality of their shoes and their shoe care products. We are proud to sell SAS's quality shoes and products in our store. Most of their shoe care products can be used on other brands. We'll always happy to answer any questions our customers may have.

At Ensor's Comfort Shoes we always want our customers to get not only the most comfortable pair of shoes they'll ever own, but also their money's worth. By using the routine maintenance suggested above, the life of those shoes should be extended.

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