Thursday, September 4, 2014

BRAVO by SAS® for Men

Betty Ensor Thomas ..... This was probably the easiest blog I have written.  That is only because the SAS® Sandal Relaxed for Women is so good that they had to come out with a Men's version.  Our gentleman customers are so glad they did.  Everything about BRAVO is the same, but read it for yourself.

BRAVO comes with a multi-layered insole that provides superior comfort to go along with the comofrt of the Tripad® cushions for the three pressure points of the foot.

Made with soft Tumbled leather, Ultra-Puff™ Lining, a Super Soft® topline, Multi-straps for maximum adjustability, and elasticized buckles to move with with feet while walking.

BRAVO has a broad, contoured foot bed with a soft Super Suede™ cover which is molded to the natural curves and arches of the foot.  Add the cushioned arch support and your feet are already in heaven.

Finish with the SAS® All Day Comfort Sole.  The wide sole base provides increased stability and maximum shock absorbancy.  The soles are lightweight and are made out of long-lasting polyurethane, containing millions of tiny air bubbles.

BRAVO is available in Brown.

BRAVO is available in the following sizes:
  Narrow 8-12, Medium 8-12,13,14,15, and Wide 8-12,13,14,

  and 15. 
  (Re SAS®:  Subject to change and availability)

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