Friday, August 29, 2014

Citrusway® All Natural Foot Care Products

Betty Ensor Thomas ..... In our quest to find the Best Products to help keep your feet healthy and happy we came across Citrusway® Products.

Citrusway® was created out of the idea to bring safe and natural nail fungus and skin products to their customers. Their products aim to superior results without the use of chemicals or toxic drugs.  Their products are Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, and contain no preservatives or paraben.

Their Number 1 Product and the Foundation of their line is their Citrusway® Nail Solutions. This product targets damaged, lifted, discolored finger and toe nails.Their proprietary formula asphyxiating properties makes it highly effective for the majority of nail damage issues. This product is Diabetic and Vegan Friendly. 

Citrusway® Foot Refresh Foot Spray is a natural formulation that helps revitalize damaged skin and generates the look and feel of hydration without the slip of creams of lotions. Citrusway® Foot Refresh Foot Spray will help revitalize damaged skin and imperfections for an attractive and more beautiful appearance. This product is also Diabetic and Vegan Friendly.

Citrusway® Hydrating Foot Lotion is a hydrating formula enriched with a natural citrus extract to soften, smooth, and revitalize rough, damaged skin.  Long lasting with deep hydration.  It is perfect for extreme conditions and dehydration that is common in airplane travel. Paraben free.

These products have been tested and approved by our employees. Come by and try some from our Sampler today.  You will be impressed.


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