Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Customer Service is Still Alive and Well

Maybe not everywhere, but at Ensor’s Comfort Shoes that is what you will get.

All of our inventory is on the main floor, and our customers are free to wait on themselves if that is what they want. But, we offer full service to those who want it. We also encourage it.

When we opened our store in 1993, we knew we had great products, but we understood that to stay in business we had to treat each and everyone of our customers as quests in our home.

Every customer is greeted as they walk in our store. Every customer is asked if we may help them. We are happy to answer questions, help in picking our styles and colors. We are happy to measure every person’s feet. We are happy to personally place shoes on our customers feet.

Many come in our store with specific needs and/or problems. We listen to what our customers have to say. We feel that it is very important to gather all the facts before suggesting styles and sizes.

We are happy to provide these services with an always happy attitude, for without our customers we would not be in business or could not stay in business.

Many of our customers thank us for our help and being so nice. We would like to thank them for their support and for telling so many other about us.

For you convenience you can now order online at:

Ensor's Comfort Shoes - 4022 Nolensville Rd - Nashville, TN 37211 - (615) 834-7458
Keeping your feet Healthy and Happy since 1993.

Updated October 21, 2017

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